FANRPAN Annual High Level Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue 2010


This week, Namibia is playing host to the 2010 FANRPAN Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue, where over 200 policymakers, farmers, agricultural product dealers, scientists and non-governmental organisations from across Africa and the world will gather to address African priorities on food security and climate change and its impacts on agricultural development, natural resource management and rural livelihoods.

Food security in Africa is still only an aspiration. With one-quarter of the world's arable land, Africa produces only 10 per cent of its total global output. More than 265 million people are still chronically hungry, yet Africa is estimated to hold 60 per cent of the world's remaining uncultivated farmland.

Agriculture must be viewed as a vital force in our global mission to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially since the World Bank has calculated that agricultural growth is at least twice as effective at reducing poverty than growth originating in any other sector.

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